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Gluten and Corn Free Crepes

April 8th, 2018|0 Comments

My mother recently took a trip to France to visit my uncle and his wife, Ann, who live in a small town that borders Geneva, Switzerland. She had two requests for her trip: visit a lavender field, and eat a proper French crêpe. When she told this to my relatives, they were somewhat puzzled--because in all their time in France, they had never eaten a crêpe! Undeterred, a few days into my mom’s trip, they found a small restaurant that served crêpes. They ordered an assortment of sweet and savory crêpes,and during their meal, they spent time telling stories of my dad, who passed away nine months ago. This was especially meaningful because it was the first time that my uncle had shared these memories of my dad (his brother). Conversation flowed naturally between taking small bites of these sweet,buttery, thin-style pancakes. It was as though this comforting food allowed [...]

Stocking Your Kitchen: 11 Freezer Basics

March 30th, 2018|0 Comments

How does the inside of your freezer look? Is it bare, or stuffed to the brim? If it’s the latter, or you are looking to overhaul your freezer to be more allergy friendly, this is a fantastic place to begin. We have identified 11 of our freezer basics to keep stocked in your freezer at all times. Why might you change out what is in your freezer? Good question. After all, there are dozens, probably even hundreds, of allergy-friendly frozen meals and treats available in the grocery store. The freezer section might be the easiest place to shop in the entire market! But, keeping a freezer stocked with pre-prepared foods doesn’t normally help when you are trying to make other things. Even if you do choose to eat pre-made freezer meals for dinner, it probably isn’t going to create the kind of table atmosphere you want. Don’t get us wrong, [...]

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April 14, 2018

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