Traveling with Food Allergies 2015-05-22T22:37:20-08:00

MLK-travel-pageAs someone with food allergies, I know firsthand how dietary restrictions can further complicate an already hectic experience like traveling. So we’ve put together a list of ten travel tips that have helped us better navigate new cities and experiences. And as we travel, we’ll share those experiences and write about the restaurants and highlights that best reflect our mission of bringing people back to the table.

Top Ten Tips for Travel:

  1. Prepare food for yourself that can be easily transported
  2. Map out your journey and find restaurants all along the way
    • That means within the airport terminal too
  3. If you are flying, get a doctor’s note to let you take your food through security
    • I have been able to take soup, water, and other liquids through security with this. They will have to do a pat down and search through your belongings, but its worth it.
    • If you have a bracelet, make sure to wear it and bring an EPI pen
  4. Book places to stay that have a kitchen or a kitchenette + microwave
  5. Pick restaurants and grocery stores ahead of time
  6. Call the restaurant prior to your arrival and speak with the Head Chef. They will listen to your request
  7. Look up the closest ER or Urgent Care to the place you are staying just in case something happens
  8. Farmer’s Markets are now everywhere. It is great to get your produce from the Farmer’s Market and cook it at home
  9. If you are highly sensitive to cookware that once used the item you are allergic to, find the closest store and buy a inexpensive pan or bring your own with you.  Here are some places to find inexpensive pans:
    • TJ Max
    • Ross
    • Marshalls
    • Target
  10. Don’t let your food restriction ruin your vacation, getaway, or travel. Be prepared. It will pay off.

Places we’ll soon write about:

San Francisco, CA

Austin, TX

More to come!