Top Ten Non-Tangilble Gifts

“It’s the holiday season so whoop de do”.  This song continues to play in my head as I go through my week.   I have my tree up (toddler proof for my godson), the streets are lined with lights, and parties are starting to overfill people’s calendars.  Is Thanksgiving really over?  I can’t wrap my head around how quickly everything is flying by. During my errand running today, I tried to take a deep breath and focus on something else other than my Christmas to-do list. So, I called mom.

She told me that she just doesn’t think that she can shop for people this year.  Then, she apologized.  My mother is saying this because she is exhausted. Her season of life is exhausting. Shopping can be exhausting.  It takes time, effort, and stress to buy gifts for one another and then wrap and ship them.  It is not life giving for her right now.  Honestly, it isn’t for me either.  So, for those of you that are like me and want to give non tangible items for the Holidays, these are some of my favorites.

1. Good Magazine

2. Ten Thousand Villages 

3. Neighborhood Urban Family Centers

 4. Seeds of Hope

5. Charity Water

6.Heifer International

7.  Akola Project

8. Garden School Foundation

9. Edible School Yard

10. Civil Eats

Giving back is a great thing to remember about this season.  Not all people have food to eat, a bed to sleep, or even a warm blanket to wrap themselves in.  It is a season of mixed feelings for so many of us, so I encourage us all to take some time and remember those less fortunate.  Many blessings to each of you this holiday season.

A new recipe will be out on Tuesday, so look forward to that.


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