Allergy-Friendly Ice Box Cookies

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My aunt and godmother passed away a few of weeks ago.  She was a woman who wore large earrings, red lipstick, expensive perfume, and had big Texas hair. She also loved to bake. This is one of the things I remember most about her. The Christmas after my grandmother passed away, I received a cookbook from this aunt, and my mom. It was the cookbook of my family---where all of the secrets were kept. It had been awhile since I [...]


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I don’t think of myself as being much of a cook. Which is maybe a weird way to introduce my first contribution to a food blog, but one of the great things about the Mary Lee Kitchen community is that everyone has a place at the table—even those who are culinarily challenged like me. It’s less that I’m a bad cook as it is that I’m an excessively time-crunched one (who doesn’t relate to that?) I usually have way less [...]

Homemade Corn Free Vanilla Extract.

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It's Monday.  For me, the lines between the weekend and weekdays are getting more and more blurred.  I find this a bit hilarious because between my husband and me, we had 8 jobs last year, now only one a piece!  Anyways,  today, I wanted to make a shout out for those readers who have responded to my recipes and have helped me realize that there are some "tweaks" and clarifications that need to be made to my recipes. My recipes [...]

Homemade Vanilla and Corn Free Baking Powder; Baked goods can’t live without them

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My husband Victor and I spend our Sundays in Malibu, CA. We work at two churches there, and drive to and from them every Sunday. Neither of us really have an office, so we end up spending a lot of our time in either church’s parish hall, or just trying to kill time between the church service and when youth group begins, 3 and-a-half hours later. Sundays are some of the hardest days of the week for me because I [...]

Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Well, it’s a typical Monday night in Pasadena, CA. My husband works most nights, so I usually take this time to hang out with friends and try new recipes out on them.   Tonight, my friends Lyndsey and Angela wanted to cheer up our friend Beth. Angela was going to get her flowers, Lyndsey a card, and I was going to bake vegan cookies! I don't usually cook vegan I had to look up new recipes and figure out how [...]