San Francisco Coffee Vacation/Escape/Pilgrimage

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I was recently in San Francisco visiting a dear friend. As usual we made a few runs for coffee together, but as she practiced for her upcoming performance I snuck off on my own and bought coffee from one of my favorite roasters. Coffee is one of my food obsessions, and San Francisco is a good place to indulge. When traveling in a different city I love to eat great food, drink good coffee, and develop favorites. Finding these new [...]

Hidden Gems in Charlottesville + Tomato Tart Recipe

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Each time I visit family on the East Coast we take a day trip to the countryside around Charlottesville, Virginia. The city is a blend of old and new with a historic university from the 1700’s and newer development. Local businesses offer the opportunity to shop and restaurants range from simple cafes and student dives to gourmet fine dining. The Charlottesville countryside is rolling and green and lush with winding roads between the historic estates and quaint farms. We love [...]

Traveling + Allergy Friendly food on the Go

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To me, summer is a time to travel. Growing up we didn’t take extravagant vacations, but we would always go somewhere, even if that was just to my grandparents house. We rarely stayed in hotels, so it made it easy to cook. Things changed in my twenties. I would fly somewhere and stay in hostels or cheap motels, making sure that most of my money went to food. My lack of preparation showed in the size of my suitcase—tiny—and the [...]

Traveling? 5 Helpful Hints

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Traveling is so hard when you have food allergies. My best friend from childhood got married in New York City about five months after I was diagnosed with food allergies, and I didn’t want to be a burden to people, so I didn’t really tell folks about my allergies and food regulations. I prepared my own snacks in advance (granola, salad, fruit, etc.) thinking that I could find food somewhere and on my own time. But my pre-prepared food was [...]

Traveling with Food Allergies

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My husband and I got back from his annual youth group mission trip the other night. This year, the group went to Oregon to help restore a community. The drive up and back were the parts of the trip I got to go on. It was hard to stop anywhere that had food for me. I knew I would have to prepare food to take with me, which I always do before a trip. This time I especially knew it [...]