My Food Journey Continued: Equity Around the Table

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Last year, I shared deeply about the true beginnings of my “food story.” I didn’t know what to expect...I had no prediction about how writing it or publishing it would feel--I only knew that I wanted, that I needed to be honest with myself and others about all the reasons why food is an important part of my life, and how it came to be that way. And so, without expectation, I left myself open to whatever emerged from telling [...]

Altars and Tables

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This week's post is by a good friend of mine, Dave Rinker.  For a more detailed look at this article please check out Dave's blog. dave and his youth hugging a sequoia tree. The late great John Muir is quoted saying, "If you pull on one thing, you find it hitched into everything else in the universe." This may at first glance seem like an impossible idea, perhaps too poetic to be true, or even a bit tree-hugging at the end of [...]

Who Is Welcome at the Table?

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Gathering around a table to eat food can be a very intentional process. I went to a high school with an open lunch policy (we could go off campus for lunch and then return to school to hang out at the “bricks”--the cool spot).  Certain groups would only go to certain restaurants.  It felt very similar to the scene in Mean Girls when Janis and Damian map out the “cool” places to sit in the cafeteria. Many of my friends have [...]

Can Food Help Stop the Fighting?

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Over the past week I have been traveling with my husband's youth group for a mission trip.  I was around high school kids over the weekend and returned back to Los Angeles to find a group of kids in my apartment building who don't really get along.  Now, this is not the best part of Pasadena, CA.  I live in a neighborhood that is known as more of the "rough" side of town.  There are gang fights, drug busts, and [...]