Sriracha Ranch Deviled Eggs

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When I think about summer, I think about getting outside and grilling. My preferred flavor of summer is a mix of watermelon, charred meat, a cold lemonade, and deviled eggs. I grew up in the South where a crystal  deviled egg platter is something in everyone’s china cabinet,and having a plastic one with a lid to take to cookouts is almost required. However, I remember deviled eggs being a special treat, because they took a lot of time to make. [...]

Our Spicy January Menu

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We really spiced up the menu last month! Here is a run down of our January menu! GF Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake Spicy Cilantro + Lime Rice Black Bean + Rice Casserole Pork Carnitas Brown Rice Tortillas Wesley's Perfect Margaritas Charred Kale + Sweet Potato Salad Lime Dressing Tomatillo Sauce Pico de Gallo And that isn't even all of them. I welcome you to try these recipes out and share what was your favorite!  

A Place for Everyone + Black Bean and Rice Casserole

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At Mary Lee Kitchen, the goal is to bring everyone back to the table, despite food allergies and sensitivities. The recipes shared here have helped me meet my family’s changing tastes and needs. One daughter prefers vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, while my husband prefers hearty, rib-sticking meals, and my own dairy intolerance adds more complexity. But there is another place — besides the table —where everyone can gather and be included: the kitchen sink. Cleaning up is a necessary part [...]

Cilantro Lime Rice with Spice + Eating Local

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  Once a week I trek to the grocery store --Trader Joe’s -- to buy all of the dry goods to supplement my CSA (community supported agriculture) box that comes on Saturdays. Recently I needed to pick up more basmati for today’s recipe (Lime Rice with a Kick), and I almost constantly run low on olive oil: hazards of frequent cooking I guess. As I drive there, I often reflect on how challenging grocery stores are for me. On the [...]

Give Spicy Thai a Chance

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Working in the food service industry, I have the opportunity of seeing people create, excel in, and completely fail at, their New Year’s resolutions. The restaurant I work at, the Pizza Ranch, is a pizza place that offers a limitless buffet that includes delicious and certainly not fat-free pizza, broasted chicken, a salad bar, and even dessert pizza. Don’t get me wrong, the food is pretty fantastic and I wouldn't speak ill of it at all, but for those who [...]

Another Reason I Eat Local + Jalapeno Leek Fritters

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Last month I took part in an anonymous gift exchange and received the most amazing gift. My benefactor found a local roaster and decided to give me a pound of their mouth-wateringly fragrant coffee. Guys. It was delicious. The coffee, a Brazilian bean with flavors of maple syrup and almonds, was so rich and intense. I adored it--my adoration fueled in part by the fact that the roaster donates 10 pounds of food to local food banks (over 800,000 pounds [...]