Temper Tantrum Roasted Fennel & Carrot Soup

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I pulled out the oldest rimmed baking sheet I own, completely for sentimental reasons, when it occurred to me that maybe I should give it a deep clean scrub. I did. My task had zero effect on the baking sheet’s “seasoned” state. I proceeded in prepping my meal! I cherish the seasons of life that have aged me as a woman, friend, wife, creative, and as of recent, a mother to the little tortellini, Sicily Jean (17 months). When I [...]

Merry Christmas 2015 + Holiday Winter Soup

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A few years ago I had to let go of the perfection that I desired for the holiday season. I wanted everyone to have a small homemade gift from me, beautifully wrapped presents for my family, perfectly decorated cookies, and the smell of cinnamon throughout the house at all times. My husband and I did not have much money our first Christmas together, but I still dreamt of that perfect Christmas. I spent weeks making gifts for friends, made my [...]

Foraging for Pecans + Spicy Pumpkin Soup

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Foraging makes me think of going into the woods to gather ingredients, shooting a deer with a bow and arrow, and then cooking everything over an open fire. That is not me.  Cooking over an open fire sounds nice, but I like the grill. I am not a camper, and I am not a hunter. AT ALL.  So when I think about foraging I don’t personally feel like I fit. But if you think about it, foraging happens all around [...]

Sweet Potato Leek Soup

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Living in Pasadena, CA means that New Year's Eve is going to be crowded! People line the Rose Parade route early in the day of New Year's Eve, and the locals start hiding in their homes.  This year, living only a few houses from the parade route, my husband and I opted to stay in and have a chill night with some friends. I didn't want to cook much, but wanted to have something tasty for dinner.  Two hours before [...]

Rainy Days NEVER Bring Me Down

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Karen Carpenters' song, Rainy Days and Mondays, could totally apply to my day today. It is cold, cloudy, looks like it might rain, AND it is a Monday! Days like today are rare in Southern California, even if they might be normal for you (wherever you live), so I encourage you to take time on days like this and cook a BIG pot of soup, chili or some other scrumptious dinner. Last weekend, I cooked a big pot of Butternut [...]

Pumpkin + Acorn Squash Soup

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My tree is decorated, my wreath is hanging on my front door, and the only thing missing is the freshly baked smell of cookies in my oven. However, this time of year is not just about sweets--it is also about yummy and delicious soups! I had some extra time on Saturday afternoon, so I used it cooking up some different soups, as well as a gluten and corn-free mac and cheese! For the soup, I used a pumpkin I had [...]