Fresh Mint and Berry Smoothie

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Summertime means many things in the produce world. To us, it means berries. Whether you pick your own berries, or buy cartons of them at a time, we bet that you make at least a few smoothies a summer. Our fresh mint and berry smoothie is a new favorite around here, and we bet that it will become one of yours too! Here at Mary Lee Kitchen, we like adding in a few extra ingredients to keep things interesting (and [...]

Love of Food + GF Crispix Party Mix

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Why, hello there! I’m Jessica, I live in Los Angeles, and this is my first time blogging for Mary Lee Kitchen. I’m thrilled! I’m ESPECIALLY pleased to be a part of this team because I deeply support Elizabeth’s work building a community around food awareness and inclusive eating. My particular angle on food is sustainability. I uncovered a love of (and slight obsession with) this topic when I first picked up Michael Pollan’s books in 2014. Since then, I’ve read [...]