Chicken Sausage Dolmas

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I don't know if I have mentioned this, but my husband and I live with another couple and their baby (it helps when you live in Southern California). The other husband is part Syrian and has made something that he calls "yebret" (Mediterranean Grape Leaf Rolls). He recently made some, but had leftover grape I decided to make dolmas. We found a local Greek grocery store that carries grape leaves that are gluten and corn free.   I began by placing [...]

How to Save Time and Eat (Well) – A Week As a Graduate Student

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I’ve just wrapped up the graduate student portion of my life where eating sustainably on a graduate student budget with little time posed a particular challenge. Like most graduate students, I needed to keep costs low and cooking time minimal. Here is an inside look to what a typical week looked like for me, and how I saved time and money! Saturday: After drinking a cup of coffee I pick up my CSA box (in-season and local is a handy [...]