Elizabeth and Ashley’s Herb Tips + Tricks

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No matter where in the country you are, the days are getting warmer. Here, in Pasadena we had temperatures in the 90s last week! Naturally, our minds turn toward making fresh and light foods in the springtime, particularly with fresh herbs. Ashley and I have small containers of herbs that we grow year round, so naturally the herbs act as a complement in our cooking. Below, we have listed some of our favorite ways to better feature herbs, elevating their [...]

Our Thoughts on Community + Fall Green Salad w/Pistachio Salad Dressing

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  Ashley: Community is the bedrock of daily life, providing a foundation for living. By this I mean that community, family, friends, and acquaintances, is the context in which people craft their lives. Here rituals and traditions emerge, forming us and our lives into rhythms. Here we make meaning out of both the challenging and enjoyable moments of life. It is against the backdrop of these meaningful connections that we find and make our places in the world. Because I [...]

Cilantro + Lime Vinaigrette

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Cilantro + Lime Vinaigrette   Save Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 15 mins   A wonderful summer salad dressing Author: Elizabeth Eichhorn Recipe type: Vinaigrette Ingredients ½ C. Lime Juice ¼ C. Rice Wine Vinegar 1 Tbsp. Finely Chopped Cilantro 1 Garlic Clove (minced) 1 tsp Sea Salt ½ tsp Black Pepper ¾ C. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Instructions In a food processor, place cilantro, whole garlic, salt & pepper, rice wine vinegar, and [...]

It’s Getting Hotter + Blueberry Almond Salad

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It is getting so hot in Southern California. When I moved out here 3 ½ years ago, I wasn’t ready to not have central A/C in my home, but not a lot of homes or apartments in Southern California actually have central A/C. This makes for a very frustrating and irritable cook! When I cook in the kitchen during the summer time, I have to think about what I can make that won’t turn my house into an oven. This [...]