Vacation Manifesto + Back-burner Tomato Sauce

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For many of us, summer is ending: school has started again, the weather is getting cooler, and our minds are turning to pumpkins, apples, and the Halloween decorations lining the stores. And although I am ready to leave behind some parts of summer, I’m not ready to  leave behind a topic many think of as only belonging to summer: vacations. For one thing, why do we normally think of vacations as belonging to summer? As adults, we can take them [...]

D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read…and listen)

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Do you remember having D.E.A.R. days in elementary school?  I remember when I was in second grade, my friend Jenny and I were supposed to be reading, but we were giggling in the corner talking about something silly.  Our teacher, Ms. Lewis, approached us and scolded us because we weren't reading.  As I grow older my days become crazier and busier, I wish that someone would yell at me now for not reading! This is the Holiday Season, a time [...]