Easy Rice Pilaf

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What is rice pilaf? Rice pilaf simply means that rice was cooked with broth, not water. It is different than a risotto for few different reasons, although both of them use broth in the preparation. In this easy rice pilaf, we add some common spices to give the pilaf extra flavor. As with most basic dishes, it is the perfect accompaniment to a meat or hearty vegetable dish. Sometimes, we just eat it plain. If you are like us, you [...]

It’s My Birthday…Let’s Celebrate

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I turn 30 today! Another decade crossed off and I feel vulnerable about it. Turning 30 isn’t the issue, what bothers me is how much more frequent comparing myself to others has become in the past few months. Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief for Vogue, is known to have wrote that by the time a woman is 30, they should have a signature scent and haircut. I read that about 15 years ago and thought that my signature smell would be [...]