Pomegranate Autumn Mocktail

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Do you ever get bored, drinking the same old beverages? I do. In my daily life I drink the same rotation of water, coffee, and tea. A cocktail or glass of wine will occasionally make an appearance, but I largely stick to routine, which is boring and mostly my fault, I’ll admit it.. The force of habit keeps me in my rut, and I forget my ability to think creatively about my options. Thankfully, the currently changing season brings a [...]

Pomegranate Fruit Strips

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A few weeks ago, thanks to a good friend, I had 10 lbs. of pomegranates delivered to me.  I didn't want to waste them, nor did I want to make that much pomegranate juice, so I decided to turn them into a syrup. Well,  pomegranate syrup is delightful, but being gluten-corn free, there didn't seem to be a lot I put with the syrup, so I created something else, pomegranate fruit strips. The recipe will be below, but let me [...]