Passover + Seder + Traditions

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As today marks the beginning of Passover and the Passover Seder, I wanted to spend some time really discussing the idea of tradition. Especially the traditions in each of our different cultures. You might not realize, but the Passover Seder is a meal that is eaten in a particular order and is always a specific grouping of food (each having a different representation). While eating, the story of the liberation of the Jewish people who were enslaved in Egypt is [...]

Hope through Death

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The inspiration of my company, the woman whose voice I hear every time I throw away an ounce of food and matriarch of one large, crazy, loud family, is my grandmother. She is no longer with us, but her life continues to influence so many of my decisions, personally and professionally. Our Family! My grandmother was born in Wichita Falls, TX. She studied in Nashville, TN for college, traveled the world, moved thirteen times in nine years, had [...]