Stocking Your Kitchen: 11 Freezer Basics

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How does the inside of your freezer look? Is it bare, or stuffed to the brim? If it’s the latter, or you are looking to overhaul your freezer to be more allergy friendly, this is a fantastic place to begin. We have identified 11 of our freezer basics to keep stocked in your freezer at all times. Why might you change out what is in your freezer? Good question. After all, there are dozens, probably even hundreds, of allergy-friendly frozen [...]

10 Tips for Saving Money and Navigating Farmer’s Markets

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These 10 Tips will help you navigate your local farmer's market, get the best tasting produce for a good price, and build a community.

Reading Food Labels

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This is a revised post of one published on June 25, 2014 Raise your hands if all of the food labels on produce and ingredient lists at the grocery store is becoming more confusing? HAND UP for me! The stories my grandmother told me of going to pick up fresh veggies at the market is not my experience. My frustration builds when I have to rummage through the mounds of produce just trying to know which one is local, organic, [...]

Celebration of Community and Invitation to Join + Vegan Eggplant Appetizer

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Let out a deep sigh of relief, because we made it through the long, hot summer and into October! Isn’t it exciting?! I love the beginning of seasons. It feels fresh, new, and homey. This month also marks a full year since Ashley joined the Mary Lee Kitchen team. Her desire and passion for food and faith was present in every conversation, making her a natural fit to write for the team. Ashley, thank you for pushing me, helping us [...]

Allergy Friendly Fish Tacos

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It’s Cinco de Mayo and I am going to discuss corn allergies!? It’s hard for me to believe it too! Growing up in Texas this was a highly celebrated day. In high school we would bring Mexican inspired dishes to our Spanish class. In college we would go out for margaritas, and after college we would celebrate by going to Fiesta. But Mexican food has a lot of corn and a lot of wheat, so when you’re allergic or sensitive [...]

Stuffed Acorn Squash

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Acorn squash is an amazing winter squash.  It’s sweet and buttery flavor allows for a lot of diversity in recipes.  If you saw the Chicken Sausage Dolmas recipe from last week, you will see a lot of similar ingredients.  This squash stuffing is identical to the beginning mixture found in the dolmas recipe.   […]

Favorite Fall Treats.

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Ashley and I love traveling. We got to spend some time in 2011 traveling Europe together and realized that we both love tea and hot drinks, which we are actually both drinking right now as this blog goes out. There is a charm about fall and that comes with some great treats. Today’s blog is our favorite fall treats. Our favorites list will be posted once a month, so stay updated. Let us know your favorite fall treats. Ashley’s Favorites: [...]

Food Choices: Who can afford to be gluten-free?

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As I was browsing Instagram the other day I came across a profile that set me off.   On this person’s description they described themselves as a connoisseur of local products and a locavore. This term, deemed by Michael Pollan, describes a person who is committed to eating food grown and produced locally.  The profile got me thinking of how we have categorized ourselves when it comes to eating. We have vegetarians, pescatarians, gluten-free, lacto-vegetarians, paleo diet, raw food, etc. The [...]

Potato Wedges & Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise Dipping Sauce

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I’ve been really into Earl Grey tea lately. The taste takes me to an old world where we wore hats to our after noon tea and ate cucumber sandwiches. Very dainty foods were consumed, and you left the tea feeling like you needed a nap. Nowadays our lives seem short because we are so rushed in every direction. Each step that we take is just another one toward a chaotic lifestyle and away from slowing down. We forget about the [...]

Your First Small Step to Change

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Finding the time to workout, eat right, sleep the eight hours you are supposed to have, meditate, spend time with friends and family, clean the house, and still do all the other things you have to do is OUTRAGEOUS! The excuse I hear the most when it comes to a person’s diet is, “I don’t have time.” Well, look at the list above. You’re right we don’t have time. However, I encourage you to stop feeling guilty when you don’t [...]