Making Food Traditions … and Sun-dried Tomatoes

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Prepare your ingredients (tomatoes, oregano, salt, pepper, and other herbs) Holiday traditions are hard. No two ways around it, whether you love them or hate them, traditions take work to keep up, and work to establish. Why, you ask, might I be thinking about this? Well, I am most likely hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year. As hostess, I want to make sure that my friends and guests have that particular food that makes Thanksgiving actually Thanksgiving [...]

Mary’s Gone Crackers

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Part of our goal at Mary Lee Kitchen is to introduce you to other food businesses that see the need to change the food industry and produce food that is fit for those with food allergies.  I recently was connected to the son of the woman who started Mary's Gone Crackers, Jacob Farris.  I invited Jacob to tell his story of growing up with Celiac Disease, working with Mary's Gone Crackers, and the philosophy behind the business. Now, please enjoy [...]

Pomegranate Fruit Strips

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A few weeks ago, thanks to a good friend, I had 10 lbs. of pomegranates delivered to me.  I didn't want to waste them, nor did I want to make that much pomegranate juice, so I decided to turn them into a syrup. Well,  pomegranate syrup is delightful, but being gluten-corn free, there didn't seem to be a lot I put with the syrup, so I created something else, pomegranate fruit strips. The recipe will be below, but let me [...]

USDA Organic or Natural: Which Food Label is Best?

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Food labels are so confusing and who really has the time to rummage through the chaos of different food labels and their meanings?  Which is better for you? What are the differences? When I was first diagnosed with food allergies, I got to know the ingredients section of food labels very well. I could tell you within a second if the product had gluten or corn (or corn derivatives) in it.  The list that I had was left with was [...]

Sustainable Easter. Deviled Eggs. New Traditions

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Growing up many of my Easters were spent looking for plastic eggs hidden by my older cousins in crevices and places out of reach for my sister and me. This was usually because they wanted to go back later and collect the candy or money hidden inside. Throughout the years I have actually grown to despise the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. I don’t feel like it is sustainable or Earth friendly. There are a lot of reasons that I did [...]

Gluten Free Drop Biscuits

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If you have been following me on instagram (@maryleekitchen) you know that the pictures that I have posted these past few days are leading up to a delicious, GF recipe!  Do you think you know what it is? Before I reveal what recipe the pictures lead to I want to tell you that the final product is the closest thing I have gotten to the “original” taste. Are you ready?   Southern Style Drop Biscuits! Biscuits were quintessential in my [...]

A Meal for Strangers That Become Family

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  Gathering a group of people together that have different backgrounds, faces, socioeconomic classes, races, and beliefs for a meal is what I got to see happen this past Sunday night.  I was asked to help prepare a meal for the closing scene of an upcoming movie “Praying the Hours”. There were children present at this meal, running around, playing tag, and enjoying time together.  Picking some food off their plates, but mainly trying to dare one another to steal [...]