Using Leftovers + Fried Ham with Spinach and Eggs

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January is a strange month for me. I have enjoyed the holiday season, and then it just ends. There are no longer Christmas decorations up, and if someone happens to still have them up, then those folks get a strange look from others. This month is when kids go back to school after a nice winter break, and look forward to spring break. Maybe I feel like it is never really the holiday season because I live in Southern California, [...]

Its officially 2013! Are you ready for a challenge?

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It is the beginning of a new year, which is the time most people feel like they are able to hit the refresh button on their life. My regular gym these days is packed with men and women who have made the pledge to work out more and get in shape for the new year--or they at least have decided to lose the excess weight from the holidays. In contrast, on New Year’s Eve, I spoke with eight-year-old twins about [...]