My Story with Food

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The funny thing about this post is, I technically should have written it last August. And then I should have written it by last October. And then I should have written it by the end of December. And then it was January 31, and I finally got the first draft of this post in. I only mention all this because everything in life converges, and I’m pretty sure my deep inability to act during seasons of chaos and stress (which [...]

Green Soup With Ginger

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The holiday season is almost here! October is usually the month when I start thinking about feasting and partying with friends and family. This is also the time when I begin to anticipate all the celebrations that I will host and attend in the following months. I can just imagine spending so much time in the kitchen preparing a hearty Thanksgiving spread, making my favorite Christmas pudding, roasting dad's signature suckling pig or mixing all those holiday cocktails. Yes! This is [...]

Foraging for Mushrooms: Woodland “Chicken” Veggie Soup

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While "foraged food" has recently become popularized, it is perhaps the oldest form of living off the land.  I am thankful for a family cottage in northwestern Michigan that has year after year provided endless opportunity for woodland strolls and foraging discovery. Traipsing through the woods with my childhood pals I accidentally fell into eating seasonal treats straight from the earth. We'd be gone for hours in the deep beech forest…a handful of blueberries here, a sweet young sprig of [...]

Celebration of Community and Invitation to Join + Vegan Eggplant Appetizer

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Let out a deep sigh of relief, because we made it through the long, hot summer and into October! Isn’t it exciting?! I love the beginning of seasons. It feels fresh, new, and homey. This month also marks a full year since Ashley joined the Mary Lee Kitchen team. Her desire and passion for food and faith was present in every conversation, making her a natural fit to write for the team. Ashley, thank you for pushing me, helping us [...]