Local Eating and Lemon Bars

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A few years ago, around this time, I made a decision. You could probably call it a self-challenge. I committed to only eating and drinking at local food businesses. That is, if a business had locations outside of Los Angeles County (or perhaps Orange County) I decided not to eat there for a year. So I was determined to frequent only local coffee shops, coffee roasters, fast food, bars, and restaurants. I like giving myself challenges like this. Maybe some [...]

Resolve to Eat Locally in 2015!

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Happy New Year! A new year brings new beginnings, goals, challenges, and freedom to start over. This blog was created to give the readers new recipes for those with dietary restrictions, however this blog has now become so much more than that. Through a collaboration of different food writers, interviews, and recipes, Mary Lee Kitchen’s blog encourages having an interactive conversation that helps educate what coming “back to the table” means to each of us. I don’t pretend to have [...]