Elizabeth and Ashley’s Herb Tips + Tricks

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No matter where in the country you are, the days are getting warmer. Here, in Pasadena we had temperatures in the 90s last week! Naturally, our minds turn toward making fresh and light foods in the springtime, particularly with fresh herbs. Ashley and I have small containers of herbs that we grow year round, so naturally the herbs act as a complement in our cooking. Below, we have listed some of our favorite ways to better feature herbs, elevating their [...]

Earl Grey and Lavender Iced Tea

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I grew up drinking iced tea in the summer. My parents believed that soda wasn’t good for us, so the summer drink options were limited to lemonade and iced tea. I never really liked the powdered variety of lemonade, so iced tea became my drink. My earliest memories of homemade iced tea are of my mother filling a large glass container with water and lipton tea bags and then placing it on the corner where the deck railings met. Over [...]