Repost: Seder + Passover + Traditions

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(this was originally posted in 2015) As today marks the beginning of Passover and the Passover Seder, I wanted to spend some time really discussing the idea of tradition. Especially the traditions in each of our different cultures. You might not realize, but the Passover Seder is a meal that is eaten in a particular order and is always a specific grouping of food (each having a different representation). While eating, the story of the liberation of the Jewish people [...]

Printable Holiday Shopping Guide

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I am the daughter of a very “type A” engineer. My father was, and is, a meticulous person who created charts and graphs ALL the time. He once told me that his favorite computer program was Excel--so not mine. However, I am very very thankful for his knowledge of the program, because it has helped me with my business.Who knew?! His list-making tendency always came in handy when it came to grocery shopping. This helped to make the time at [...]

Learning To Celebrate The Holidays + Winter Rum Punch

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Holiday traditions are hard for me because Thanksgiving is the only tradition that I celebrate year in and year out. Only since moving back to California have I started celebrating Halloween, and really that was only this past year. As for Christmas, I still haven’t gotten into it. It’s not that I dislike any of these holidays, but I do think that growing up in a family that celebrated traditional holidays differently has made me less interested in, or less [...]

Holiday Perspective + White Bean + Feta Cheese Dip

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I like to put up my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t mind November, actually, I really love it, but I get so excited for Christmas. Christmas lights, hot chocolate, getting off work, baking, gingerbread decorating, playing games, watching holiday movies, the list can go on! But, the thing that I look forward to the most is just spending time with friends and family. Five years ago, nothing looked like it had as a child. My parents had [...]

Day 3 Guest Blogger: Lindsey Wright

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*The following blog post is from Lindsey Wright of Dear Wilderness: Exploring Beauty, Wellness, and Balance. Follow her blog here. Like many people, Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. Even in sunny California, I make a concerted effort to have everything feel as cozy as possible. We get cinnamon candles going, we have holiday music playing, we string garland and lights, and best of all, we cook. The food we make in the month of December is just as much a part [...]

25 Holiday Favorites (food, gifts, and more)

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Sitting around the dinner table last night with a group of friends, I asked the question “what was their favorite Christmas tradition?” Each of our answers were different, some sad, different, untraditional, while others were filled with magnificent memories of music, signing carols, and even scavenger hunts to find their presents. Remembering my own childhood Christmas traditions and how they differ from everyone else at the table, I want to share some ideas for bringing people together over the holiday [...]

Top Ten Non-Tangilble Gifts

By | 2014-12-04T22:18:35+00:00 December 4th, 2014|Categories: Blog|Tags: | "It's the holiday season so whoop de do".  This song continues to play in my head as I go through my week.   I have my tree up (toddler proof for my godson), the streets are lined with lights, and parties are starting to overfill people's calendars.  Is Thanksgiving really over?  I can't wrap my head around how quickly everything is flying by. During my errand running today, I tried to take a deep breath and focus on [...]