Eating your Greens + Megan’s Spin on Green Beans

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Green is my favorite color. I am pretty sure it always has been. And even though I had the perfunctory “I hate cooked spinach” phase as a young one, I usually like most green foods, as well. As I have previously discussed on this blog, Brussels sprouts and asparagus are staples on my weekly rotation of vegetables. I also love fresh spinach salads. Spinach is quite the versatile green, meaning I can have salad multiple times throughout the week, but [...]

Sister Love + Thanksgiving Green Beans

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Thanksgiving was always the big holiday in my family. We’d go to my maternal grandparents for a few days and eat until our pants were so tight they were going to bust. My grandmother, the controller of the kitchen, began making the food two weeks prior to our meal. Partly because she had a certain way of cooking things, and partly because our family was so large that she needed that much time to prepare.It was only after I was [...]