Beginning of Spring Vegetables + Megan’s Review of GF Artichoke Dip

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  I took an unofficial poll amongst my friends (‘tis the season) and confirmed what I thought all along: I am in the small minority of people who prefer cold weather and the seasons that come with it. More than likely, this stems from a classic case of wanting what I can’t have. Growing up in Texas, while I certainly experienced cold weather (and even a little snow each year), I mostly experienced the heat. My tastes, however, are more [...]

top 25 local shops on the eastside

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  Around this time of year many people write, edit, and discard lists of resolutions. We (A +E), however, write lists of exciting local places where we ate, drank, and shopped in the previous calendar year … and would like to continue frequenting. Past posts {link to amara} have mentioned a few of these favorite local haunts, but below is an extensive must-try tour of East LA. We would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and suggestions for further local [...]

Favorite Fall Treats.

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Ashley and I love traveling. We got to spend some time in 2011 traveling Europe together and realized that we both love tea and hot drinks, which we are actually both drinking right now as this blog goes out. There is a charm about fall and that comes with some great treats. Today’s blog is our favorite fall treats. Our favorites list will be posted once a month, so stay updated. Let us know your favorite fall treats. Ashley’s Favorites: [...]