Day 2 Guest Blogger: Lindsey Wright

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*The following blog post is from Lindsey Wright of Dear Wilderness: Exploring Beauty, Wellness, and Balance. Follow her blog here. Food and family. The two are more intrinsically linked than we may think. You grow up watching your mom make a secret family recipe. A certain crazy pizza topping makes you think of your equally crazy dad. You used to make fun of him for that topping, but now you secretly kind of love it, because it links you to him [...]

Hope through Death

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The inspiration of my company, the woman whose voice I hear every time I throw away an ounce of food and matriarch of one large, crazy, loud family, is my grandmother. She is no longer with us, but her life continues to influence so many of my decisions, personally and professionally. Our Family! My grandmother was born in Wichita Falls, TX. She studied in Nashville, TN for college, traveled the world, moved thirteen times in nine years, had [...]

A Meal for Strangers That Become Family

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  Gathering a group of people together that have different backgrounds, faces, socioeconomic classes, races, and beliefs for a meal is what I got to see happen this past Sunday night.  I was asked to help prepare a meal for the closing scene of an upcoming movie “Praying the Hours”. There were children present at this meal, running around, playing tag, and enjoying time together.  Picking some food off their plates, but mainly trying to dare one another to steal [...]