Persian Kuku from The Delightful Table

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this is recipe was originally posted on The Delightful Table Spring has sprung and the Spring Equinox also happens to be Persian New Year.  I've always been closer to and identified more with the Spanish side of my family.  After all, my Persian grandmother and my father both immigrated to Spain when my dad was a kid so there's also a lot of Spanish influence on my Persian side.  Even so, I have always tried to connect with those roots through food.  I [...]

Leftovers. Feeling the Downward Slope

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January is a strange month for me.  I have enjoyed the holiday season and then it just ends. There are no longer Christmas decorations up, and if they are up, then those folks get a strange look from others.  This month is when kids go back to school after a nice winter break and gear up for Spring Break.  Maybe, I feel like it is never really the holiday season because I live in Southern California, and I enjoyed an [...]