Chicken Sausage Dolmas

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I don't know if I have mentioned this, but my husband and I live with another couple and their baby (it helps when you live in Southern California). The other husband is part Syrian and has made something that he calls "yebret" (Mediterranean Grape Leaf Rolls). He recently made some, but had leftover grape I decided to make dolmas. We found a local Greek grocery store that carries grape leaves that are gluten and corn free.   I began by placing [...]

Beginning of Spring Vegetables + Megan’s Review of GF Artichoke Dip

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  I took an unofficial poll amongst my friends (‘tis the season) and confirmed what I thought all along: I am in the small minority of people who prefer cold weather and the seasons that come with it. More than likely, this stems from a classic case of wanting what I can’t have. Growing up in Texas, while I certainly experienced cold weather (and even a little snow each year), I mostly experienced the heat. My tastes, however, are more [...]

Love of Comfort Food + Megan’s take on GF Mac & Cheese

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I have a fairly consistent methodology for choosing the recipes that I cook and then write about for this blog. Based on the week’s theme, I search the Mary Lee website with a keyword and pick from the recipes that pop up. This week, I am writing about showing love through food, so I searched the word “comfort.” You certainly don’t need me to tell you there is something about comfort food -- it just hits the exact spot that [...]

Comfort food to the rescue

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My birthday was this past Sunday. I turned 30. A new decade and hopefully and new sense of self. As I talked about last week, comparing myself to others had set in, and my life felt empty. When I have moments like this, I turn to food for comfort.  Don’t we all have our comfort foods? Food nourishes our bodies and gives us nutrients that we might have been lacking. It makes our tummies feel warm or might even fill [...]

Final Baking Adventures + Apple Crisps

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The final day at the bakery was slow, but I was grateful for that since the chopping I had done the previous day had really taken a toll on my arms. I worked with someone new who let me see how the French croissants were made, and I got to see what the pounds and pounds of chocolate I chopped was used for. The baker I worked with that night even commented on how surprised she was to see me [...]