Emotional Connection to Pumpkin + Spiced Pumpkin Rum Martini

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I didn’t really know Fall as a season until I moved to Alabama for college. The enormous trees started to change from deep hunter greens to bright oranges, yellows and reds around the middle of September, and stayed that way until Thanksgiving. I hadn’t experienced anything like this while growing up in the dry desert of West Texas. The Pumpkin Spice Latte also made a grand appearance into my life the fall of my freshman year of college. I resisted [...]


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This post was originally on the lifestyle company, The Eternal Child.  Make sure to follow them.  I have always preferred to jump into these posts, as if we were already in mid- conversation.  Like we are old friends, who have sat across from each other over many lattes or shared one too many glasses of champagne at one too many dinner parties, but for the sake of this, I will quickly introduce myself.  My name is Valerie, I am a [...]

Elizabeth and Ashley’s Herb Tips + Tricks

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No matter where in the country you are, the days are getting warmer. Here, in Pasadena we had temperatures in the 90s last week! Naturally, our minds turn toward making fresh and light foods in the springtime, particularly with fresh herbs. Ashley and I have small containers of herbs that we grow year round, so naturally the herbs act as a complement in our cooking. Below, we have listed some of our favorite ways to better feature herbs, elevating their [...]

Flashback Friday: Tamarind Margarita, a Corn Free and Gluten Free Cocktail

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Hi everyone, my name is Westley! Until recently my role as the Content Editor for Mary Lee Kitchen has relegated me to obscurity. This changes today. With this inaugural post I’ll share a recipe near and dear to my heart and save the story about how I came to align with the goals of Mary Lee Kitchen for a future post. I hope you enjoy it. Growing up in a Latino family steeped in the traditions of Mexican and Salvadoran [...]

Diet Cheats + Pink Lemonade Wine Spritzers

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SO, sometimes I cheat on my diet.  I know that it is terrible and the world and I won't get along the next day, but sometimes, I just need some soda.   So, as you might/might not know, I can't eat corn.  That does not just mean the beautiful husks that people eat at BBQs, nor does it mean just the bags of corn meal...being allergic to corn means that I can't have 90% of what is in your typical [...]