Gluten and Corn Free Crepes

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My mother recently took a trip to France to visit my uncle and his wife, Ann, who live in a small town that borders Geneva, Switzerland. She had two requests for her trip: visit a lavender field, and eat a proper French crêpe. When she told this to my relatives, they were somewhat puzzled--because in all their time in France, they had never eaten a crêpe! Undeterred, a few days into my mom’s trip, they found a small restaurant that [...]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

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You may have read our educational posts about setting up a gluten-free pantry -- which will help you have the ingredients on hand for these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins that avoid many of the common food allergies! In general, as we have said in other posts,   one of the hardest parts about beginning to eat in a new way is changing your entire lifestyle and relationship with food. One of the things we know people miss most? Baked goods. What could be [...]

Chicken Sausage Dolmas

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I don't know if I have mentioned this, but my husband and I live with another couple and their baby (it helps when you live in Southern California). The other husband is part Syrian and has made something that he calls "yebret" (Mediterranean Grape Leaf Rolls). He recently made some, but had leftover grape I decided to make dolmas. We found a local Greek grocery store that carries grape leaves that are gluten and corn free.   I began by placing [...]

Making the Healthier Food Choice + Citrus Ginger White Fish with/Purple Sweet Potatoes and Carrots

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Food and I have had a relationship a lot like that of high-school sweethearts attempting a long-distance relationship. For the longest time, our relationship was rooted in a blissful appreciation of all things new; the slightest kiss (Hershey’s Dark Chocolate, mainly) made one’s stomach flutter with excitement. I relished in the beauty of a surface level relationship; one based on an appreciation for Hot Pockets and Uncrustables, for school lunch and fast food, for eternally flowing streams of Mountain Dew [...]

Celiac Friendly Breakfast Puffs- Perfect for your Preschooler

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This summer has given our family amazing opportunities to share our table with each other, with friends, and with family. We’ve been able to have (nearly) complete control over the battle against celiac disease and once the summer months end, it’s back to school, back to daycare, and back to a daily stress about whether or not Kye’s caretakers will be as vigilant about reading labels as we are. We’re fortunate to have people we know and trust who take [...]

Grilling for Children with Celiac Disease

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When Kye was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last September at 3 years old, a weight was lifted off our shoulders. We finally had answers to the questions he’d been facing with his health. Those questions have certainly not stopped, nor are they likely to ever do so, but they have slowed to a simmer. We now know the basics of following a gluten free diet, like what to look for on food labels. We know that our son is aware [...]

Traveling? 5 Helpful Hints

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Traveling is so hard when you have food allergies. My best friend from childhood got married in New York City about five months after I was diagnosed with food allergies, and I didn’t want to be a burden to people, so I didn’t really tell folks about my allergies and food regulations. I prepared my own snacks in advance (granola, salad, fruit, etc.) thinking that I could find food somewhere and on my own time. But my pre-prepared food was [...]

Do You Have a Food Allergy?

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I recently interviewed my allergist in Pasadena, California.  He allowed me to post the interview, and I wanted to share it with all of you: The middle of October is a time for pumpkin carving, pie baking, and the unfortunate beginning of allergy and cold season.  Not only do I have food allergies, but I also have seasonal allergies. That makes this a time where I want to hide from the world and/or cover my head with a paper bag [...]