GF Foods Taste Different, but That’s Not Bad + GF Lemon Tea Cake

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Do you remember Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham” ? I had this rhyming story of two people discussing when to eat green eggs and ham first read to me by my kindergarten teacher, Ms. Lacy. Afterward, we shared green eggs and ham (which consisted of scrambled eggs dyed green, with pieces of ham mixed in.) I remember thinking it was the most disgusting thing, and didn’t want to eat it, even though I loved scrambled eggs and ham--when they [...]

Ashley’s Birthday + GF Lemon Tea Cake

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It’s my birthday! When I was growing up my mother would ask me to choose the type of cake I wanted for my birthday. She then proceeded to bake it for me, no matter what it was. I remember thinking that she was invincible in the kitchen—she could bake anything. One year, she pulled off a giant cookie cake that to this day I don’t know how she made with a conventional oven and a regular cookie tin. As my [...]