Megan’s Review on Brussel Sprouts

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Well, after my insistence last week that I was ready and excited for spring, the weather in New York City has taken a turn toward the chilly again. I can’t say I’m too disappointed! I wanted to cook something this week that would pay homage to the last days of the winter: when it’s almost warm enough to not need a jacket when the sun is up, but the nights are still cold and have me craving food that’s rich, [...]

How to Save Time and Eat (Well) – A Week As a Graduate Student

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I’ve just wrapped up the graduate student portion of my life where eating sustainably on a graduate student budget with little time posed a particular challenge. Like most graduate students, I needed to keep costs low and cooking time minimal. Here is an inside look to what a typical week looked like for me, and how I saved time and money! Saturday: After drinking a cup of coffee I pick up my CSA box (in-season and local is a handy [...]