Egg-free Breakfast Risotto

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Every week we eat dinner with a group of friends. We call this sanctuary “community dinner” because it is a place where we build in person the kind of community that Mary Lee Kitchen hopes to build online around eating together. The group of people has changed over time, but the consistent part of community dinner is gluten and corn free (and often vegetarian or with meat on the side) potluck style eating. This way, each person can eat and [...]

Gluten Free Drop Biscuits

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If you have been following me on instagram (@maryleekitchen) you know that the pictures that I have posted these past few days are leading up to a delicious, GF recipe!  Do you think you know what it is? Before I reveal what recipe the pictures lead to I want to tell you that the final product is the closest thing I have gotten to the “original” taste. Are you ready?   Southern Style Drop Biscuits! Biscuits were quintessential in my [...]

Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice

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Orange Juice is one of the world's leading juices.  It is a staple in many American households to have with breakfast or for those who are about to come down with a cold, since Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C.   There are a a few simple facts I want to address when it comes to orange juice: orange juice has a lot of natural sugar! additives are added to store-bought orange juice, and the FDA doesn't require the [...]

Leftovers. Feeling the Downward Slope

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January is a strange month for me.  I have enjoyed the holiday season and then it just ends. There are no longer Christmas decorations up, and if they are up, then those folks get a strange look from others.  This month is when kids go back to school after a nice winter break and gear up for Spring Break.  Maybe, I feel like it is never really the holiday season because I live in Southern California, and I enjoyed an [...]

Oh-so Good Gluten and Corn Free Pancakes!

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One of my favorite ways to cool off in summer is to head inside and watch Netflix while drinking a cold glass of water. The show I'm currently loving is season 5 of Parks and Recreation. The show takes place in a small town in Indiana, which is where my husband is also from. So, I watch the show for insights on my husband--especially when it comes to food. The show has some hilarious storylines about the food that is [...]