Birthday Reflection + Red Juice

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This week I turned 30. Yes, 30. Depending on your age, 30 might sound like I have the rest of my life ahead of me; like I am still very young. Or, 30 might sound mature and experienced, like I am now firmly on the side of adulthood and no longer in the fun-loving years of my 20s. Either way, 30 is a major milestone. I am no longer in a decade of life where I finish multiple major life [...]

Ashley’s Birthday + GF Lemon Tea Cake

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It’s my birthday! When I was growing up my mother would ask me to choose the type of cake I wanted for my birthday. She then proceeded to bake it for me, no matter what it was. I remember thinking that she was invincible in the kitchen—she could bake anything. One year, she pulled off a giant cookie cake that to this day I don’t know how she made with a conventional oven and a regular cookie tin. As my [...]