Spring + Green Bean Salad

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I am not sure why, but spring makes me want to eat more brunch. I mean, I love brunch year-round...but when the spring veggies come into their own, their more delicate structure (as opposed to the heartier fall and winter veg) makes me want to eat breakfast foods and light dishes all the more. All winter long I crave heavier food, but as soon as the sun comes out and the temperature warms up, I shed heavy foods like layers. [...]

Megan’s Review on Brussel Sprouts

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Well, after my insistence last week that I was ready and excited for spring, the weather in New York City has taken a turn toward the chilly again. I can’t say I’m too disappointed! I wanted to cook something this week that would pay homage to the last days of the winter: when it’s almost warm enough to not need a jacket when the sun is up, but the nights are still cold and have me craving food that’s rich, [...]

How to Save Time and Eat (Well) – A Week As a Graduate Student

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I’ve just wrapped up the graduate student portion of my life where eating sustainably on a graduate student budget with little time posed a particular challenge. Like most graduate students, I needed to keep costs low and cooking time minimal. Here is an inside look to what a typical week looked like for me, and how I saved time and money! Saturday: After drinking a cup of coffee I pick up my CSA box (in-season and local is a handy [...]