Summertime in the City

I live in Los Angeles County, in the beautiful city of Pasadena. There seem to be citrus trees everywhere you turn in Pasadena, but I get nervous about picking from them in another person’s yard. When we go out to Malibu (where my husband works as a youth director), I notice signs on trees that say there is no trespassing or picking fruit. But I have a hard time understanding this when I see an abundance of leftover fruit that was not picked soon enough and is now on the ground and spoiling. This is an issue I think needs to be addressed, and this week I found there’s actually a group of guys who thought that fallen fruit that’s left to spoil is also a problem. So, they did something about it, and formed a website called These guys, from my understanding, have gone around to different cities around the world and created maps that help people find fruit producing trees that folks are able to go to and pick fruit from!

I have not gone out yet to try this, but I’m excited to do so. I like when people put their passion to good use and don’t just talk about it, but are willing to go out and see if their ideas will work. Cities have some great things to offer. At times I get frustrated with the concrete palace I’m surrounded by in Los Angeles, but organizations like Fallen Fruit remind me that there are ample opportunities to find fresh gardens and produce. Look around your city and see what different opportunities there are for you. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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