Food Prep Tips for the Changing Season

As the heat continues through these last weeks of Summer, it’s difficult to imagine the cool, crisp breeze that comes with Fall. Late night porch sitting, stargazing, and slow mornings will soon be a distant memory. But I’m looking forward to a little more structure and organization in my life.Black-Bean-2Black-Bean-1

I work better when I have things prepared and organized. As a child, my closet was organized by style and then color. As an adult, my refrigerator is organized and my Fall 2015/2016 calendar is ready! I daydream about the dinners that I will prepare and the lunches I will pack..Black-Bean-5Black-Bean-3Preparing for a 9-5 workday, going back to school or whatever system Fall brings your way can present challenges, especially when thinking about food. No matter if you have food allergies or not, food prep is hard! I’m constantly in conversations about the frustration and difficulty of food prep so I decided to share a few of my own tips.

Change is necessary. This is especially true when dealing with a food allergy or a diet that is different from the “standard”. Too many times we don’t spend the extra time on self-care, but understanding your food is the best self-care! You’re not going to be perfect at this prepping thing, at least, not at first.  Once you get the hang of things the wrinkles will be smoothed out.

Time is valuable. We all have the voice in our minds saying to “use our time wisely”. Well, I think we all know we are trying! However, we don’t always succeed. Set aside an extra hour in your week to meal plan. This helps alleviate waste, organizes you, and if you are cooking for your kids lunch, allows them to have a say in what they want to eat.

Prepare Snacks. Cut fruit or vegetables over the weekend (or whenever you have a free 30 min) and have them in your fridge in a storage container for easy to grab snacks. Hangry (Hungry + Angry) doesn’t look good on any of us.

Some snack ideas:

Nuts/Dried Fruit


Cut up Fruit


Granola Bar

Dips/Hummus (Check out the black bean dip recipe below)

Pre-make Dinner. A lot of dinners can be made days beforehand and then stored in the freezer. Take them out to thaw the night before you want to eat them, then heat them in the oven.  Pasta dishes work really well with this!

Invest in a lunchbox! It doesn’t matter your age, there is a great lunch box out there for all of us! This way you can bring anything for lunch!

Leftovers make for a great lunch! Make enough food for dinner so you can have leftovers for lunch the next day! This way you avoid waking up early to prepare a meal because it is already done!Black-Bean-4Throughout August, I will be giving more tips on preparing for Fall and sharing some of my favorite recipes. There are few weeks left of Summer, so try this Black Bean Dip for a party this weekend. Or try it as a trial run before it becomes a Fall staple in your household. Enjoy with your favorite chips!


Black Bean Dip
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Dips
Serves: 2 C.
  • 1 Ripe Tomato
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 2 Peppers (Jalapenos, Serrano, or Habanero...depending on your heat tolerance)
  • 3 Cloves Garlic
  • 2 Cups Black Beans
  • ¼ C. Red Wine Vinegar
  • ½ tsp. Ground Mustard
  • ½ tsp. Sea Salt
  • ¼ tsp. Smoked Paprika
  • ½ tsp. Crushed Red Pepper
  • ½ tsp. Chilli Powder
  • ½ C. Olive Oil
  1. Roughly chop the onion, garlic, peppers, and tomato.
  2. In a blender combine all ingredients and blend together until smooth
  3. Add more olive oil if needed
  4. Place in a bowl and cover
  5. Set aside for 2-3 hours
  6. Enjoy.





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A native Texan who, after being diagnosed with food allergies and Celiac Disease in her mid-twenties, wanted to help others who drastically had to change their diets later in life. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, where she operates Mary Lee Kitchen.

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