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*The following blog post is from Lindsey Wright of Dear Wilderness: Exploring Beauty, Wellness, and Balance. Follow her blog here.

Like many people, Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. Even in sunny California, I make a concerted effort to have everything feel as cozy as possible. We get cinnamon candles going, we have holiday music playing, we string garland and lights, and best of all, we cook.

The food we make in the month of December is just as much a part of tradition as driving to see lights and playing music. My husband Michael and I each bring certain family treats to our marriage, and we’ve also started a few of our own traditions. Michael’s dad always makes a certain kind of Chex-Mix every year, and my family always had a honey-baked ham on the Day. We found our own cookie recipes that are a must-make every year. Sometimes even our gifts will be food- spiced nuts, homemade nutella and mustard. But with such few weekends in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, sometimes cuts have to be made- there just isn’t enough time to do everything and still have rest. My husband and I are list-makers, so we write down everything we wish we could do, and then decide the things that will make the cut. This year, we made one of our favorite cookies before Thanksgiving and brought it along as a treat to my family. We’ll probably wait to make his dad’s Chex-Mix until we see him, and have the privilege of making it alongside the master. We got only a tiny tree, and we’ve given in to the fact that most of our ornaments will not stay on due to a pair of kitty paws. Some things just change.

Our traditions are fewer this year because of travel, and that’s ok. In our one year of marriage, we’ve learned to hold on a little looser to things, and Christmas’ generous spirit encourages us to take bits and pieces from both of our lives, while allowing space for new things to happen. Traditions are so wonderful, and they can ground you in your own history, but leaving room for new memories and stories to happen is just as wonderful. So while each year the holiday will look a little different, there’s comfort in knowing that some things will never change- and that’s exactly how we like it.


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