Date Paste Sweetener


One of my favorite ingredient substitutions is dates in place of sweeteners. They still are high in sugar but they have other great benefits, like reduce blood pressure and a good source of fiber. I like making date paste. It’s easy and can keep in the freezer for 3 months! If you are looking for other great substitutions, head over to our education section, and check out my top 8 corn substitutions… having good substitutions on hand makes cooking and baking easier, and prevents a lot of headaches!


What are some of your favorite substitutions for sweeteners? Let us know!

Things you’ll need for this recipe:

Date Paste Sweetener
Prep time
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A sweetener substitute that is good to use for baked goods and even your coffee
Recipe type: Sweetener
Serves: 2 C
  • 2 C pitted dates
  • 2½ C warm water
  • 1 tsp (choose one flavor) vanilla, lemon, lime, cinnamon or any other kind of flavor you want to add
  1. Place all of the pitted dates into a blender
  2. Pulse
  3. Pour 1 C warm water into the blender
  4. Blend the mixture
  5. (optional) Add the extra flavor
  6. While the blender is on, slowly pour the remaining amount of water
  7. Blend until the mixture is consistency that resembles marmalade
  8. (optional) Add more water if you want a smoother or thinner consistency
  9. Place the paste in a container that is able to seal
  10. Enjoy in baked goods, coffee, or on toast.
  11. *note that 1 C date paste (packed) is equivalent to 1 C sugar


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A native Texan who, after being diagnosed with food allergies and Celiac Disease in her mid-twenties, wanted to help others who drastically had to change their diets later in life. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, where she operates Mary Lee Kitchen.

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