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Foraging for Mushrooms: Woodland “Chicken” Veggie Soup

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While "foraged food" has recently become popularized, it is perhaps the oldest form of living off the land.  I am thankful for a family cottage in northwestern Michigan that has year after year provided endless opportunity for woodland strolls and foraging discovery. Traipsing through the woods with my childhood pals I accidentally fell into eating seasonal treats straight from the earth. We'd be gone for hours in the deep beech forest…a handful of blueberries here, a sweet young sprig of [...]

Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice

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Orange Juice is one of the world's leading juices.  It is a staple in many American households to have with breakfast or for those who are about to come down with a cold, since Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C.   There are a a few simple facts I want to address when it comes to orange juice: orange juice has a lot of natural sugar! additives are added to store-bought orange juice, and the FDA doesn't require the [...]

Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Well, it’s a typical Monday night in Pasadena, CA. My husband works most nights, so I usually take this time to hang out with friends and try new recipes out on them.   Tonight, my friends Lyndsey and Angela wanted to cheer up our friend Beth. Angela was going to get her flowers, Lyndsey a card, and I was going to bake vegan cookies! I don't usually cook vegan I had to look up new recipes and figure out how [...]