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Taking Time to Slow Down and Eat + Vegan Sweet Potato Chili

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I can’t tell tell you how many times I skip meals and just graze on whatever is around me.  By the time I get home I am famished and hangry (hungry + angry). Whoever is in my path is going to get destroyed, so let this be your warning. I forget to enjoy my food. I forget that I can really love food. I forget that food is an important element that keeps us alive. Loving food is something I [...]

Megan’s Food Memory + Eggplant Appetizer

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This week, I was tasked with writing about a favorite food memory. That means I have roughly 11,000 options in my just over 32 years of eating dinner. Of course I don’t actually remember all of these options, but it is clear that the contenders for my favorite memory are just about endless. It is amazing to me that something as essential as feeding our bodies can be such a diverse experience from one meal to the next. I googled [...]

Slow Morning +  Gluten and Corn Free Bloody Caesar

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I remember my first winter in Iowa. It was cold and windy, as you would expect, but it was also lonely. My friends had left town preferring to be home for the holidays, and I was stuck in a small snow-laden town. I was staying with my older brother whose Christmas was delayed because his wife did the noble thing and worked the holiday so her employees could enjoy Christmas Day with their families. She’s selfless that way, but at [...]

Food-loving Jetsetter + Cauliflower Breadsticks

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By the time this post goes live, I will be in the first part of a jetsetting week and a half, interviewing for a couple of different positions across the country. And, in addition to preparing for the interviews themselves, I began an itinerary for food destinations. Yep. Just as much as this is an interview trip, it is also a food adventure! But this is how I usually travel. For every trip I make, just after deciding where I [...]

Love of Food + Spaghetti Squash and Homemade Tomato Basil Sauce

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When I was ten my grandmother, Mary Gay Lee (who the company is named for), told me I could make dinner for the family.  I didn’t quite know what to prepare, but had recently received my first cookbook--so I grabbed the cookbook and flipped through the pages filled with recipes that intimidated me. It felt overwhelming, trying to decide what to make, because I was scared to mess it up and didn’t want to let my family down. I don’t [...]

Nourishing Good Intentions + GF Sour Cream Coffee Cake

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A few years ago, I’d asked Ashley to meet me for coffee at a local Starbucks. She kindly said that she’d love to, but asked if we could meet somewhere else. I was curious about the change of location--maybe it was the taste of the coffee? The ambience? I wasn’t sure. When we met up, I asked about her desire to change locations, and she informed me that she and her boyfriend were trying to only eat at local restaurants. [...]

Megan’s Adventures in GF + Mary Lee Kitchen’s GF Apple Crisp

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Apple crisp has long been a favorite dessert of mine. It hits all the notes I crave in something sweet : the texture of the apples, cooked down but with their last crunch still in tact; the buttery richness of the streusel topping; and the “blank slate” quality of the dish, to which any number of additions or substitutions can be made. As Elizabeth noted in the original blog post that I used for this recipe, apple crisp can actually [...]

A Place for Everyone + Black Bean and Rice Casserole

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At Mary Lee Kitchen, the goal is to bring everyone back to the table, despite food allergies and sensitivities. The recipes shared here have helped me meet my family’s changing tastes and needs. One daughter prefers vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, while my husband prefers hearty, rib-sticking meals, and my own dairy intolerance adds more complexity. But there is another place — besides the table —where everyone can gather and be included: the kitchen sink. Cleaning up is a necessary part [...]

Cilantro Lime Rice with Spice + Eating Local

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  Once a week I trek to the grocery store --Trader Joe’s -- to buy all of the dry goods to supplement my CSA (community supported agriculture) box that comes on Saturdays. Recently I needed to pick up more basmati for today’s recipe (Lime Rice with a Kick), and I almost constantly run low on olive oil: hazards of frequent cooking I guess. As I drive there, I often reflect on how challenging grocery stores are for me. On the [...]

Welcome Megan Grann + Butternut Squash/Lentil Curry

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Hello Mary Lee Kitchen Family! My name is Megan Grann, and I am very happy to be a newcomer to this community. As this is my first time blogging, I think a little background information is in order. I met Elizabeth while we attended Texas Tech University as undergraduates, drinking way too much coffee and completely naive to the world of food allergies. Since then, Elizabeth has begun her work toward inclusive eating, and I've moved to New York City. [...]