Luv Cooks: Spicy Chocolate Sweetie Pie

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The following recipe is not Gluten Free or an allergen friendly recipe. However, it is an inspiration for you to create your own. This was also originally featured on the blog, Luv Cooks. Follow both Callie and Laura for inspirational recipes and beautiful  food photography.   For those of you who may have spent the last week under a rock, or like one or two people I know (#roommates), have been so immersed in the winter Olympics that all you can [...]

Temper Tantrum Roasted Fennel & Carrot Soup

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I pulled out the oldest rimmed baking sheet I own, completely for sentimental reasons, when it occurred to me that maybe I should give it a deep clean scrub. I did. My task had zero effect on the baking sheet’s “seasoned” state. I proceeded in prepping my meal! I cherish the seasons of life that have aged me as a woman, friend, wife, creative, and as of recent, a mother to the little tortellini, Sicily Jean (17 months). When I [...]

Royal Cup Coffee and Honey Ice Cream from Luv Cooks

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Callie Blount of Luv Cooks and I have known each other since college.  Recently, we reconnected to discuss our love and passion of food. We are both advocates of bringing people back to the table and inspiring relationships through the food that we cook. Her sweet Southern charm shines through her writing and her cooking. Enjoy her recipe, and make sure to follow her blog!  Sometimes, there are moments in life that seem too good to be true. The ones where you stand back and [...]

Megan’s Food Travels + Mushroom Risotto

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I’ve been on a lot of roadtrips over the past thirty years. My family lived in Texas while one set of grandparents lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico; so we’d pile into the minivan and go for at least one visit every year. I loved the books on tape, the window seat views, and the unlimited Game Boy access. Then there was the first time that I recall getting on an airplane: a trip from Dallas to Amarillo, Texas with [...]

Spelt Artisan Loaf + Angelyna’s Love of Food

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When think of food I love, my mind immediately conjures up what seems like hundreds of images of delicately sweet desserts, comforting savory dishes, and simple and tasty snacks. Choose one food I love? Oh, this is a joke, right? Leave it to my husband to demonstrate how simple the choice is by reminding me that I could probably write most authentically about only one thing…bread. I’m not even sure where my love affair with bread started. But for as [...]

Slow Morning +  Gluten and Corn Free Bloody Caesar

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I remember my first winter in Iowa. It was cold and windy, as you would expect, but it was also lonely. My friends had left town preferring to be home for the holidays, and I was stuck in a small snow-laden town. I was staying with my older brother whose Christmas was delayed because his wife did the noble thing and worked the holiday so her employees could enjoy Christmas Day with their families. She’s selfless that way, but at [...]

If you can’t cook…Arrange

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Confession....I've Never been much of a cook.  I'm not sure why because my own mother was a wonderful cook. She had a delicious dinner on the table each and every night. Between all of our sports practices, music rehearsals and fun youth events, it was mandatory that each night we sat at our table, and shared a meal together.  The place where we connected as a family, before we all scattered our separate directions, was always at The table. Whether [...]

Love of Comfort Food + Megan’s take on GF Mac & Cheese

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I have a fairly consistent methodology for choosing the recipes that I cook and then write about for this blog. Based on the week’s theme, I search the Mary Lee website with a keyword and pick from the recipes that pop up. This week, I am writing about showing love through food, so I searched the word “comfort.” You certainly don’t need me to tell you there is something about comfort food -- it just hits the exact spot that [...]

Love of Food + GF Crispix Party Mix

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Why, hello there! I’m Jessica, I live in Los Angeles, and this is my first time blogging for Mary Lee Kitchen. I’m thrilled! I’m ESPECIALLY pleased to be a part of this team because I deeply support Elizabeth’s work building a community around food awareness and inclusive eating. My particular angle on food is sustainability. I uncovered a love of (and slight obsession with) this topic when I first picked up Michael Pollan’s books in 2014. Since then, I’ve read [...]

A Place for Everyone + Black Bean and Rice Casserole

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At Mary Lee Kitchen, the goal is to bring everyone back to the table, despite food allergies and sensitivities. The recipes shared here have helped me meet my family’s changing tastes and needs. One daughter prefers vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, while my husband prefers hearty, rib-sticking meals, and my own dairy intolerance adds more complexity. But there is another place — besides the table —where everyone can gather and be included: the kitchen sink. Cleaning up is a necessary part [...]