Meet Almond Glory

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Recently I had the opportunity to sit with a friend and mentor of mine, Gayle Myers. Gayle is the owner and founder of a local Los Angeles gluten-free baked good company, Almond Glory. Like many entrepreneurs, Gayle Myers somehow fell into her business. Her story can be found on Almond Glory’s website. The reason that I asked Gayle to meet was to give me some insight in starting a company, balancing life, and having your home a gathering space. Gayle [...]

Because What We Eat Matters: Thanksgiving Reflections with Norman Wirzba

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It is always an incredible opportunity to talk with someone who has provided inspiration to you, particularly on a topic you are passionate about. Recently, Elizabeth offered me the opportunity to speak with Dr. Norman Wirzba, a professor at Duke Divinity who writes and teaches and speaks on about food, agrarian practice, and ecology, among other things. His writing on food and faith has been highly formative as I slowly changed the way I approached buying, cooking, and thinking about [...]

Mary’s Gone Crackers

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Part of our goal at Mary Lee Kitchen is to introduce you to other food businesses that see the need to change the food industry and produce food that is fit for those with food allergies.  I recently was connected to the son of the woman who started Mary's Gone Crackers, Jacob Farris.  I invited Jacob to tell his story of growing up with Celiac Disease, working with Mary's Gone Crackers, and the philosophy behind the business. Now, please enjoy [...]

Do You Have a Food Allergy?

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I recently interviewed my allergist in Pasadena, California.  He allowed me to post the interview, and I wanted to share it with all of you: The middle of October is a time for pumpkin carving, pie baking, and the unfortunate beginning of allergy and cold season.  Not only do I have food allergies, but I also have seasonal allergies. That makes this a time where I want to hide from the world and/or cover my head with a paper bag [...]