ContentChecked: An App to Help Navigate Food Allergies

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I heard about ContentChecked a few months ago. It’s an app that was created to help people with food allergies navigate grocery shopping. I recently spoke with Victoria Brodsky, Head of Nutrition, to discuss the app, the ContentChecked company, and how they are trying to encourage transparency with manufacturers.As the Head of Nutrition she has created and updated the ContentChecked guidelines for food allergies in addition to giving food allergens values (if there is a product with a food allergen [...]

Lessons From Our Organic Garden

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This post is made possible by a friend of the Mary Lee Kitchen Blog, Caila Diehl Rinker. We hope you enjoy it. - Mary Lee Kitchen Team -- One of my favorite things about my house is the small garden in the front yard. My husband and friends would be quick to tell you that I’m taking credit for their hard work—I’ve been known to kill cacti. Even though I’m not the primary gardener, the rhythms of the garden help [...]

Land on Loan: Understanding and Keeping the Earth with Ellen Davis

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A few years ago a friend and I were discussing the ethics of the coffee we were drinking and where it came from. As we walked out of the coffee shop, she mentioned that she was reading a book for her Christian ethics class at Fuller Theological Seminary.  The book, Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible, describes the connection between biblical text and the land that was created. The author, Dr. Ellen Davis, is the Amos [...]

Food and Fitness: One Athlete’s Journey of Learning to Compete with Food Allergies + Gluten Free and Lactose Free Game Day Foods

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  I am an athlete. I have played soccer for 25 years, competed in marathons and triathlons, studied Bikram Yoga, and I recently plunged into the world of Ultimate Frisbee. I am a food lover. Thai food, chicken and waffles, Chipotle burritos—yes I know that guacamole is extra—granola, donuts, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and carbs… mmm… nom nom nom. Living in Los Angeles with high quality food, eating pupusas in El Salvador during my year as a missionary, and now [...]

A Foray Into Farming with Hannah Owens + Cilantro Sauce

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In Virginia there is a farm run by one woman. She started her small farm out of a desire to know where the chicken she ate came from and  because she couldn’t find any quality chicken in her area. Hannah Owens, of Monrovia, CA, worked for this farm during  Fall 2014 through the organization World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farming (WWOOF).  I recently spent some time with Hannah discussing farming across the United States, WWOOF, and how she feels connected [...]

An interview with artist Phaedra Taylor + homemade kimchi

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Phaedra Taylor, artist, mom, and wife to the Director of Fuller Theological Seminary’s Brehm Center for the Arts in Texas. The couple, along with their daughter, recently moved back to Texas after spending a few years in North Carolina, where David was finishing his PhD. I met the couple many years ago in Texas. Phaedra’s presence was captivating and I wanted to know more about her art and the way how she lives a sustainably. I am so honored that [...]

Living Luxe: Gluten Free and Lactose Free Recipes

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Today, I want to introduce you to Living Luxe Gluten Free, a company dedicated to creating recipes that are gluten and lactose free. Michelle Lee, the recipe creator, recently released a cookbook and shared it with Mary Lee Kitchen.  The cover is beautiful. The photos inside, mesmerizing. I was so excited to get into the kitchen and try one of the recipes.  Michelle’s recipes are heavily influenced by her time she spent in Spain. The spices and aroma of each [...]

Eat Local: Fiore Market Cafe and Composting Tips

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A few years ago, I went to lunch with a friend. She had been raving about this particular restaurant and told me that it “screamed” Elizabeth (local, fresh food, and an inclusive menu). I pulled up to the community theatre parking lot and noticed a garden which was the path to the quaint little restaurant. Walking through this beautifully laid out garden helped me release all my stress from the day. That lunch was a few years ago, and Fiore [...]

Meet Almond Glory

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Recently I had the opportunity to sit with a friend and mentor of mine, Gayle Myers. Gayle is the owner and founder of a local Los Angeles gluten-free baked good company, Almond Glory. Like many entrepreneurs, Gayle Myers somehow fell into her business. Her story can be found on Almond Glory’s website. The reason that I asked Gayle to meet was to give me some insight in starting a company, balancing life, and having your home a gathering space. Gayle [...]

Because What We Eat Matters: Thanksgiving Reflections with Norman Wirzba

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It is always an incredible opportunity to talk with someone who has provided inspiration to you, particularly on a topic you are passionate about. Recently, Elizabeth offered me the opportunity to speak with Dr. Norman Wirzba, a professor at Duke Divinity who writes and teaches and speaks on about food, agrarian practice, and ecology, among other things. His writing on food and faith has been highly formative as I slowly changed the way I approached buying, cooking, and thinking about [...]