Guest Blogger: Lindsey Wright

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The following post is from a friend, Lindsey Wight.  Her blog, Dear Wilderness, is an exploration of beauty, wellness, and balance.  I love Lindsey’s ability to capture a sense of stillness through her writing.  I hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.  Enjoy her blog takeover this week, and follow her at her own blog: Dear Wilderness. […]

Because What We Eat Matters: Thanksgiving Reflections with Norman Wirzba

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It is always an incredible opportunity to talk with someone who has provided inspiration to you, particularly on a topic you are passionate about. Recently, Elizabeth offered me the opportunity to speak with Dr. Norman Wirzba, a professor at Duke Divinity who writes and teaches and speaks on about food, agrarian practice, and ecology, among other things. His writing on food and faith has been highly formative as I slowly changed the way I approached buying, cooking, and thinking about [...]

Altars and Tables

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This week's post is by a good friend of mine, Dave Rinker.  For a more detailed look at this article please check out Dave's blog. dave and his youth hugging a sequoia tree. The late great John Muir is quoted saying, "If you pull on one thing, you find it hitched into everything else in the universe." This may at first glance seem like an impossible idea, perhaps too poetic to be true, or even a bit tree-hugging at the end of [...]

Who Is Welcome at the Table?

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Gathering around a table to eat food can be a very intentional process. I went to a high school with an open lunch policy (we could go off campus for lunch and then return to school to hang out at the “bricks”--the cool spot).  Certain groups would only go to certain restaurants.  It felt very similar to the scene in Mean Girls when Janis and Damian map out the “cool” places to sit in the cafeteria. Many of my friends have [...]

Is Loneliness an Eating Disorder?

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Food is a centrality to each of our lives. We talk about what we will have for dinner at breakfast and daydream about the beautiful dessert that we can create afterwards. Our mouths water as we pass bakeries and smell the delicious baked goods drizzled with chocolate or sprinkled with sugar. The cookbook section is growing massively larger at the bookstores these days and there are multiple television networks dedicated to food. However, the question needs to be raised, do [...]

Hope through Death

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The inspiration of my company, the woman whose voice I hear every time I throw away an ounce of food and matriarch of one large, crazy, loud family, is my grandmother. She is no longer with us, but her life continues to influence so many of my decisions, personally and professionally. Our Family! My grandmother was born in Wichita Falls, TX. She studied in Nashville, TN for college, traveled the world, moved thirteen times in nine years, had [...]

A Meal for Strangers That Become Family

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  Gathering a group of people together that have different backgrounds, faces, socioeconomic classes, races, and beliefs for a meal is what I got to see happen this past Sunday night.  I was asked to help prepare a meal for the closing scene of an upcoming movie “Praying the Hours”. There were children present at this meal, running around, playing tag, and enjoying time together.  Picking some food off their plates, but mainly trying to dare one another to steal [...]

Feeding the Hungry

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(The quote is from Shauna Niequist's book Bread & Wine) This is the second week of Lent.  In the Liturgical Christian tradition there is a 40-day period before Easter as a remembrance of Jesus’ time in the desert.  Some people who observe this time use it as a method to lose weight, to restart their New Years’ Resolution, or just to reconnect with themselves but it is meant to be “a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works in [...]

Saying Grace Over a Meal

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Most mornings, I get up rush out the door and take the kids that I drive to school, to school. I forget about eating and drinking coffee, because I tell myself there isn't time for that. I tell myself that when I get back from driving I will get to it. The reality is, I get back from driving and I am so tired that I fall back asleep. When I wake up again, I feel like my morning is [...]