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A Southern California native, Westley looks forward to the day he brings Quixote home from the beagle rescue center, but until then he is grateful to be surrounded by plenty of friend’s dogs. He brings a different perspective to the table while making sure that the Mary Lee Kitchen team thinks about each action we take. Mary Lee Kitchen is grateful to have him on board.

Slow Morning +  Gluten and Corn Free Bloody Caesar

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I remember my first winter in Iowa. It was cold and windy, as you would expect, but it was also lonely. My friends had left town preferring to be home for the holidays, and I was stuck in a small snow-laden town. I was staying with my older brother whose Christmas was delayed because his wife did the noble thing and worked the holiday so her employees could enjoy Christmas Day with their families. She’s selfless that way, but at [...]

Celebrating One Year + Westley’s Perfect Margarita

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It feels like yesterday that Elizabeth asked me to work for Mary Lee Kitchen as the Content Editor, but it’s actually been a full year. I was nervous about working with Elizabeth and Ashley, because I know how easy it is for work-conflicts to become friend-conflicts that end up resulting in the end of the relationship. And while we’ve definitely had many heated discussions, I am grateful that we’ve always been able to remember each other’s humanity as well as [...]

Learning To Celebrate The Holidays + Winter Rum Punch

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Holiday traditions are hard for me because Thanksgiving is the only tradition that I celebrate year in and year out. Only since moving back to California have I started celebrating Halloween, and really that was only this past year. As for Christmas, I still haven’t gotten into it. It’s not that I dislike any of these holidays, but I do think that growing up in a family that celebrated traditional holidays differently has made me less interested in, or less [...]

A Grape Cocktail For Your Consideration

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Welcome back! If I keep sharing drinks at this rate we’ll all develop an alcohol tolerance that rivals Don Draper and the characters of AMC’s Mad Men. So I’ll share one more and then I’ll leave to ponder other delicious ways to think about cocktails and cocktail-culture from an allergy-sensitive perspective. But first, a story. When I first met Elizabeth, I had never cooked with allergy-sensitivities in mind, probably because I’d only encountered dietary restrictions like vegetarian/vegan between the time [...]

An Apple a Day: Making Cocktails Allergy-Friendly

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Hi friends, I’m back! And true to form, I’m here to compliment the October menu that Elizabeth and Ashley have created with a couple cocktails. Why cocktails and why not seasonal beers? Mostly it’s my aversion to carbonation that keeps beer at bay. But because Mary Lee Kitchen is about allergy-sensitive eating, it’s also important that gluten-free and corn-free be a part of how I, how we, enjoy alcohol. The following statement is obvious, but I need to make it [...]

How a cheese platter took my beach experience to the next level.

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I grew up in San Diego where the weather is perfect, the people are friendly, the traffic is nonexistent and the beaches are only 15 minutes away! And yet, I hated going to the beach. This was my reality as the youngest of seven siblings: I was constantly surrounded by cousins, nephews, aunt and uncles, brother- and sister-in-laws. And when we went to the beach—and we went a lot—it was this whole production, five or six cars caravanning towards the [...]