About Dawn Asher

Dawn LaMattina Asher is the Founder & Executive Producer of Tribe of Asher. She got her start in the entertainment trailer industry as a copywriter and producer for major studio film, television and home video advertising. It is from her background in marketing that stemmed her career in storytelling for film and entertainment and live event experiences. Dawn’s passion for telling true stories, through compelling documentary film, commercial and television work, has grown her craft for producing live events that connect people on an authentic level and cultivate impactful experiences. Dawn is a graduate of the University of Southern California, with a bachelor’s degree from the Annenberg School for Communication. She was born in Long Island, NY and grew up in Atlanta, GA. She now calls Los Angeles home, where she has grown roots with her husband, Jeff. Thanks to marrying this guy, she was able to name her company Tribe of Asher. Together, they are the smitten parents of Sicily Jean, the cutest baby girl ever. Dawn is Italian by descent, but didn’t really like olives until she was older. She enjoys a good hike, camping and would like to try “glamping” one day.

Temper Tantrum Roasted Fennel & Carrot Soup

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I pulled out the oldest rimmed baking sheet I own, completely for sentimental reasons, when it occurred to me that maybe I should give it a deep clean scrub. I did. My task had zero effect on the baking sheet’s “seasoned” state. I proceeded in prepping my meal! I cherish the seasons of life that have aged me as a woman, friend, wife, creative, and as of recent, a mother to the little tortellini, Sicily Jean (17 months). When I [...]