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Candouni: An Experience in Fine Greek Dining

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Recently, my husband Ian and I traveled to Istanbul and Greece. To say it was incredible is an understatement. Awe-inspiring history, intriguing culture, spectacular views, and of course, mouth-watering dishes made this an unforgettable trip. When we travel, we like to immerse ourselves in as much of the culture as possible, and the best way we have found to really know a place is to eat their food. For our entire trip, we ate no American food, and it was [...]

First Awareness of Food Allergies + Parsi Chana Curry

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Well, funny story… I actually first became aware of food allergies through my brother. In high school, he had a long bout of daily hives due to some unknown substance. My mother went on a mission to identify the culprit, including eliminating every common food allergen: nuts, berries, diary, etc., from our diets and slowly introducing them back. Well, mostly his diet, but we were often along for the ride. That was miserable. I’m sure more for him, but I [...]

Explore the World with Your Palate + Gluten Free Tabbouleh

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Culture has always been synonymous with food for me. Being from a large city with countless inhabitants whose people originate from far away places is as exciting as it is delicious. As a child, I loved to try new foods from different countries. It told me about what was important to that culture, which is usually family. It is also a great lesson in sustainability. A quick glance at any culture’s food teaches about what is local to the region [...]

Spring + Strawberry Lemon Crumb Bars

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It’s here! What seems like a fleeting moment in the course of a year is finally upon us and will fade as quickly as it appeared. Now, I am generally a fan of fall, with its cooling weather, falling leaves, and delicious hot drinks to warm us. However, these next few weeks are by far some of my favorite in Southern California. That’s right, the ultimate sign that spring is arriving–the sweet, intoxicating aroma of blooming orange blossoms. If you [...]

Spelt Artisan Loaf + Angelyna’s Love of Food

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When think of food I love, my mind immediately conjures up what seems like hundreds of images of delicately sweet desserts, comforting savory dishes, and simple and tasty snacks. Choose one food I love? Oh, this is a joke, right? Leave it to my husband to demonstrate how simple the choice is by reminding me that I could probably write most authentically about only one thing…bread. I’m not even sure where my love affair with bread started. But for as [...]

Discovering New Comforts + Spiced Buckwheat Pancakes

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Yams, Grandma’s macaroni and cheese, collard greens, beans, rolls, ham… This is what typically comes to mind when I think of traditional holiday foods. The holidays always meant being surrounded by family and an abundance of food. Whether Thanksgiving or Christmas, preparations began the night before with washing vegetables, soaking beans, and defrosting large birds or hams. The next morning, I rose early with the sun and my mother to help in the marathon of cooking and baking. My brothers [...]