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Meet our Blog Contributors

Elizabeth Eichhorn


A few more things about me. My husband and I are opposite in many ways, except our values and ethics.  The word sustainable gets thrown around a lot, but it fits us.  We value gathering people at the table to eat together, learn from one another, and experience life together.  So, we welcome you to explore this site,  and let us know what you think.

Ashley Wilkins

Excecutive Editor

Professional by day and fun-loving foodie by night.  She and her husband live in Southern California with their dog Riggins.  Ashley’s skills in the kitchen, her love for understanding food, and ability to write in complete sentences shines through in the blogs that she writes.

Our Mission

Our Story

At Mary Lee Kitchen, we believe that what we eat matters.  Through food education (a bi-weekly blog), speaking engagements, recipe enhancements, and sustainably sourced and created products we believe that EVERYONE should be able to come back to the table.

Mary Lee Kitchen started as a result when the founder, Elizabeth Eichhorn, was diagnosed with rare food allergies (corn and avocado) and Celiac Disease.   Through personal exploration, self-taught cooking, and gaining a certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Heath she realized that there is not an inclusive space for people with dietary restrictions.

  • Educate people about the hidden ingredients and allergens as well as the harmful food processes that reduce the food healthfulness of native ingredients,
  • Design recipes and products that not only taste good, but are also produced from a sustainable source, and bring your community back to the table.